Your Love Life is Boring

your love life is boring / to me / maybe to everyone /
who cares about your sweaty adventures?
 you moan for connections / you moan for sex /
you moan and you roam / you will lie and cheat
and deceive to get what you desire /
you want to moan your sex into something called love but
it isn’t working for you /
you study orgasmic libraries of literature seeking the ultimate thrill–
then seek to hunt down a target for your lusty desires /
sometimes your target outsmarts you!
often you come home you find an empty refrigerator or left overs going spoiling /
yearning for this thing everyone calls love to fill your empty heart /
you overfeed your pets / yet you forgot to walk the dog /
this temple you call your body has been worshiped, inspected, kissed, handled,
bumped, banged, and screwed but you don’t understand
why you are day dreaming though it all /
some canyon is echoing your moans and reverberating your every thought – teasing –
tempting – torturing… yourself! you cannot find this peace /
satisfaction satisfaction I can’t get no…and demons laugh! /
voices in your head want to scream though to your lips, to my ears, to my sympathies,
to my patience / no you may not have permission to disrupt my soul /
there are gates to which you cannot pass /
who cares about your boring amorous agonies /
who cares to listen to your endless failings? /
your love life is boring / to me / maybe to everyone!

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