You are what you share


sharing can be both passive and active / conscience / free choice / innate sensibilities

my parents shared primal based urges / human connectedness / some call love
this unseen power of attraction / chemicals / hormones / mysteries of genetic linage
we share the blood / DNA / genes / of the past, of our ancestors, now we deliver
these into the next generation. YET one becomes rich and one becomes poor /
another is a doctor his brother murders people / some uncle committed suicide on the
railroad tracks…stood in the path of a train / another sister cares for children in hospital.
many choose to share by peronal choice, helping, serving, assisting, guiding, mentoring..
One decides to share what was shared to his veins, the other sacrifices his life out of self
pity, self centeredness, and the agonizing pain of self hated or overwhelming fear.
there are men who turn dangerous weapons upon innocent children of other races, and some
times of their own race / we ask why? / how do we understand insanity or the depth
the soul will sink from what we call humanity? And so…what will we share?
What do you have to share?

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