Yesterday From Paul to Today

and so we should honor yesterday
if we honored those moments as we do this one
the house I lived in last week is but a short chapter
a necessary few pages yes, but one made better with guided angels
flying above our fears, shrugging off our tears, changing the
color blue. living closely we were forced to confront each other
and regard ourselves and our lives directly, but not without
the joy of friendship moments, hugs, songs, poetry, jokes, little
gift exchanges, and the satisfaction of holding a precious child.
great songs were not meant to be discarded nor should great
words once printed not be shared with good timings.
the house I live in this week was long sought and carefully
chosen for the chapter of today and for the unfolding.
we plan for tomorrow, hope for successful Expressions,
of great company and great voices of great women with a
faith in ourselves in this moment that we sharpen our gifts…
we are blessed in this town with so much talent and great
ones who come here to perform, even if we cannot afford a
ticket to see them, we are honored to know they are here.
Yesterday wrote Paul McCartney, “all my troubles seemed
so far away”. Without him there would be no Beatles, for he
was the sentimental and the sweet to John Lennon’s sour
and salt, and together they changed our youth and then the
world. “so I believe in yesterday”.


Poem – yesterday 2012.05.31  magicjackatx

The week that Paul McCartney came to perform in Austin Texa


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