Women Must Be Pleased

L1110214Women Must Be Pleased

by magic jack  2012.08.03
women carry us from time immortal / from time invisible / for time eternal
before we sip or suck / before we cry / before we crawl / before we walk
a woman suffered for us / felt us come to life / gave us a path into the world /
endured the pain of delivering us / from inside to the outside has introduced us /
a spec / an egg / not even an idea yet / this is where we started our journey /
she a woman / celebrated every success or trial we encountered / she dreams of us /
she supports us /she  feeds us /she  encourages us /she loves us like no other will love us /
our mothers will forgive us endlessly and love us to death / our lovers will love us for
the thrill of our bodies and our powers, but fail to forgive us should we not deliver endlessly /
our wives forgive us for the sake of our progeny / a fine woman and fine wife is pleased
when we adore her offerings and respect her babies and will forgive our blunderings but
not endlessly- for a wife is not our mother / our daughters will respect us for being true
but not for disrespecting their mothers- for which forgiveness is rare / our crying and
our complaining are useless and no amount of wine or brew will cure us, nor our
blaspheming of the lord, nor our denigration of mother nature if we are guilty of
disrespect / women carry us from time immortal / from time invisible / but we cannot
be arrogant or careless should we risk attempting to fool mother nature or ignore her /
she will forgive us and provide us with new chances, but a fool she will not endure forever!
bless her gifts endlessly and apologize profusely and earnestly and you may be graced
with a wash of forgiveness to bring blissful clarity to your days! for one thing a woman
enjoys hearing is an apology, even better if it is a poem to honor her.
magicjackatx @ magicjackatx@mail.com

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