What goes on in Austin stays in Austin

PeggyWrightRuta P1010262
  • poetry every night, musicians at every bus stop
  • protesting at the drop of a hat and marching down
  • congress street, claiming the street sometimes with a free motorcade
  • curtesy of the austin police – long accustomed to weirdness
  • occupy the city hall at least till 10 pm only  to tease the guards
  • give fist pumps to passing supporters and lovers
  • of anything weird and anti-establishment
  • smile broadly at passing ones so well dressed 
  • establishment foot-soldiers looking and gawkers who drop jaw & stare
  • watch the after-work austinites running and dripping with sweat
  • in 90 degree heat afternoons along lady bird lake
  • whilst dogs are splashing and dashing and using  more sense
  • bemused at the passing dresses and boots and long legs
  • bemused at the passing urban cowboys who strut out of the
  • parking garages where they left their fancy iron horses
  • bemused at the array of tatoos and their bodily locations
  • – austin must be the tatoo capitol of the world now –
  • bemused at the mexicans who are too busy with real life
  • doing the landscaping / night work on highways / cleaning
  • houses, restaurants, skyscrapers / bussing tables or counters
  • be it mcdonald’s / wattaburger’s / wendy’s / or taco shops
  • it’s party time all the time down on 6th street the austin
  • a la bourbon street new orleans style… but without the french provincial charm
  • crowds gather for concerts and traffic never ends 
  • and what goes on in austin stays in austin…
  • way more fun than most places… thanks just the same!
  • what goes on in austin © magicjackatx@mail.com ~ photo by magicjackatx with permission of singer/songwriter and friend Peggy Wright of Austin, Texas

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