Weary of Words

  • the world is saturated
  • with songs, words, news, information
  • when a flood lifts your possessions
  • thirst for water lessens
  • what words matter when so many scatter
  • the ears grow tired of listening
  • empty water bottles are floating by
  • empty barrels make big sounds
  • the words we want to hear are missing
  • words that hold us close with hug a kiss
  • listening wishing longing
  • silence scary sometimes
  • isolation driving our cars at high speed
  • could there be a friend passing
  • is there a hope in the rear view mirror
  • can we reach out at the next red light?
  • why do we desire complete strangers
  • the world is strange
  • the songs are noisy, words are clucking
  • news is false, information a collection of lies
  • dry spells have become droughts
  • thirst for water increases
  • words that once mattered long scattered
  • the ears grew tired of useless words
  • empty water bottles are recycled plastic
  • the empty barrels are ignored
  • the words we so long to hear not appearing
  • if only there were a meaningful hug or kiss
  • listening wishing longing heavy hearts yearning
  • sometimes we grow weary
  • even of our own poems
  • magicjack@mail.com © 2013.07.01

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