TV or no TV

Hulu is the new movie theater
News is “as happens” via
personal computing devices
iPhone updates
TV bigger, wider, flatter, louder
surround sound wizardry
Theaters are often too cold
sweaters on laps, chills on backs
sometimes sticky floors
and expensive popcorn crunches
underfoot, purchased at half of
and hours wages in large bin-cups
chatting audiences, sneaking peaks
at text messages or even chatting
on the phone mid movie
worse yet filming the movie
to view or sell later
Newspapers are not newsworthy
we already know it before it is printed
editorials are sometimes interesting
but then available on line anyhow
What happens when you’ve seen
all the plot lines, in various styles
languages, costumes, film or digital?
our own stories sometimes pale
in comparison we try to compete
with the fantastic world seen
on TV screens
More right after these messages!
The full story at 11!

Magic Jack ATX


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