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The root of all evil

so they say eh?
teachers pay
teachers summer vacations
union workers
labor = cost factor
profit = reduce cost factors
production goes up!
continues to rise
wages go down
And yet
The root of all evil
is never the profiteers
those who hoard
the wealth obtained
by the sweat of others
bankers and market managers
wall street suits
CEO crashes company =
massive cash reward
politicos refuse to deal 
allow the entire country 
to go to the brink of default
whilst enjoying a game of golf
life is so good for those
living in a bubble
clueless about the real world
The root of all evil
or maybe just selfishness
= old fashioned greed! 
© 12.12.29

 Photo © 2011.11.17 / Leica V Lux 1 / Occupy Wall Street