The Price of Peace

who but the fearful or disturbed would wish to exchange
peace for war and misery? yet in the name of prosperity
or in the name of self defense do the mighty spring forth
with plans to mow down the enemy, yet what does the
enemy do but respond in kind… each side prays for the
power and blessings of god to justify a glorious battle.
who is the enemy but your brother or sister or child at the
other end of the field… with our families torn apart, lives destroyed
our prize is a transient goal / gold / oil / gold / silver / gold /
slaves / gold / rum / gold / coal / mansions & gold, & wealth untold!
and finally reaching the point ultimate doom/ more
power/weapons potential …. ever has existed on this earth,
ability to destroy the planet /assured destruction
killer jets / atom bombs / UAVs the future of flight
manless / monitored / inscrutable in skies above us / Arcturus
T-20 / BAe Systems Taranis ready by 2018 – The UCAV unmanned
Aerial Vehicle with a Rolls-Royce turbofan engine/ munitions
delivered thought an internal weapons bay under carriage /
The Boeing MQ-18 Hummingbird a mini manless hell-icopter
with pinpoint delivery of various payloads of death and destruction!
Our evolution / advances / continues / does it improve?
We have come so far though time and though bloody history!
but not just one punch with a counter fist punch, not just
one shot to a return volley, not just one sword to another.
do we really fight these wars for peace or for plunder?
peace comes at a price. be it at the battle field or in our
souls? / facing the enemy who would end us, steal our lives,
enslave us, or harm our innocents, may be warranted
for us to enjoy peace. facing our ghosts, our fears, and our
inner devils also to earn control of our souls, a battle that
never seems to have an end, but peace cannot occur without
a struggle to overcome that which would defile us. Which
battle is the one worth fighting is our personal choice /
free will is bestowed to our conscience as humankind. Only
we know what is morally good or morally evil.
now is the time and the only time to grasp the truth of
the ages.. of the sages…/ weapons bring only
misery, pain, and destruction / can we forgive ourselves for
the hell we rain down upon our flesh and blood? Do we
despise the gift of life or do we cherish all that mother nature
has produced, provided, and prepares for us?
 magicjackatx © 2012.08

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