The Endless movement of the lemniscate magicjackatx ©

We sometimes feel the movement
of a forward trajectory, time moving on.
And so we invented a word called the future!
Some civilizations have no language or words for it.
They have no desire to live there.
We’ve seen evidence moving on the hands of the clock.
-We uncover ancient civilizations, old bones, pottery,
Our best science fails to divine every mystery.
Our thoughts interrupt us with past imperfect.
And the more we learn about the past,
The more we can predict the cycle.
-The Alpha and Omega are engraved on a spinning
Symbol in a figure eight
(sometimes called the lemniscate)
Latin “lēmniscātus” meaning “decorated with ribbons“.
Ancients understood it as no beginning or end.
Only an eternal motion in which we gather the past up
and include it in a billon tomorrows ,
along with a billion yesterdays.
-And in our heroic minds eye we envision ourselves
decorated with ribbons! Saving the earth! And proudly
we display our scars and battle stripes of ribbon colors,
mostly reflecting blood red sacrifices and white ideals.
If we choose to carry our own backpack of heavy sorrows,
by what magic is harmonious peace to be possible?
Time often is spent at stations awaiting a future.
Is a station a final destination! Is salvation hidden away?
We finish one trip and begin another, always moving
and arriving back to a station in time. We loop endlessly
and sometimes bequeath useful gifts to a new generation.

magicjackatx © 2013.10.15


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