Poem – So, is what they say around these parts
this is the way folks around austin seem start off a statement
one word, “so”
I guess it’s better than saying,
you know what?
hey you guys!!
don’t you think?
but yes sometimes you will hear
hey yawl
but generally that’s if folks aren’t paying attention.
getting back now
back to “so”
sometimes you might here, so… y’all
or even so… all y’all
All-yawl seems to convey a more even wider audience than just a yawl around these parts.
now if you examine the word you, it  is singular or plural
all is surely plural,  therefor all-yawl is three times plural,  I would have to assume.
perhaps it is just in case there is slightest possibility that I might leave someone out hence… all-yawl!
so…(the word that is), as a statement starter got me to thinking why this is a compelling linguistic springboard?
perhaps because it implies that the speaker is simply continuing a conversation that was floating around us?
certainly it implies that there was something going on before it was spoken.
I rather like this however, because it has a feeling of a shared intimacy about it as if we are all in harmony.
I rather prefer this colloquialism, yawl. 
“so” when we put this altogether we get
so…let’s continue our shared intimacy/journey as all-yawl travel on this rocket ship we call earth.
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