Snake Island Full Moon

It’s true enough… by lighted moon sky reflecting off Ladybirds’ waters
excitedly rushing down the grassy mound of the youth hostel calling
our ship has arrived… await await us! It takes all of us! The cries of
Thom the poet to the Captain of our barge could be heard out to the dock
whilst friend Howard passing by assured… they are awaiting you Thom!
In the shadowed distance figures could be seen settling aboard the vessel
and the familiar white captain’s hat glowed with reflected moon light in
the dark of the chilly Austin night. It was our own matey Captain Bill Oliver
greeting the anxious and happy passengers whilst assigning seating for each
to balance the vessel proper. I with bongo in hand saluting as I came aboard.
As we set out a story of recent police interventions 
were told to us by our happy Captain, who while greatly enjoying the moment 
was sharing what we all seem to understand in these post 9/11 days.
Riding up a river and starting a camp fire to sing songs with friends 
is somehow construed to be treated like terrorist activities to be policed with helicopters
and rules of curfews and minor unlawful details.
Not to be dissuaded, the happy hippies and folk singers, merry moon
revelers were present and circled and singing, food aplenty available
and drinks to imbibe with the assorted happy tribe! Not a one needs to ask
“What’s In That Food”, the food was the presence of kindred kind.
“You Owe It To Yourself To Make It True”, and so they do!
“Find A Way” and so they did!  Celebrating brother moon and sister sky!
Austin has a tradition to uphold after all!

… magic jack nov.29.12


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