Radical Roger

Oh that radical Roger!
He Occupied Providence,
That boy from London town
with a gift for languages and
for too often angering his father.
Roger was ordained by the Church of England
but dumped those folks for the Puritans.
Oh that ungrateful Radical Roger!
Off he went to the new world
this place called America
married Mary Barnard and sired
six children, Mary, Freeborn, Providence,
Mercy, Daniel and Joseph.
Oh that busy Radical Roger!
That Church of England is corrupt
and false, he proclaimed, and went off then
and became a Separatist.
Oh that free thinking Radical Roger!
He was banished from Salem Massachusetts
walked one hundred and five miles to the
head of Narragansett Bay but lost his way…
Radical Roger was rescued by the
natives or he’d surely have died.
The Wampanoags took him to the camp
of their chief sachem, Massasoit.
Still not far enough way from those Plymouth
settlements to be out of their land grant,
across the Seekonk River they paddled him
where they were safely beyond charters.
There Radical Roger found “loving friends”
with the Narragansett tribe, and named his third
child Providence for his new settlement there!
And thus Radical Roger founded the first place
where there was religious liberty and separation
of church and state. He created a haven for
those “distressed of conscience” and soon
attracted quite a collection of dissenters and
otherwise-minded individuals!
So, you see that Radical Roger!
Oh that Radical Roger!
He was the first to Occupy Providence!
magicjackatx ©

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