Poets Are Issuing Warnings

Poets Are Issuing Warnings

and so the people became consumers
and the country seemed quietly at peace
little did they know the gremlins
had in mind, a piece that would fleece.
and each piece robbed the sleeping
and those who were sleep-walking.
fuel became expensive
food became expensive
then our jobs decreased, labor was foreign
lies and accusations followed terrorism
promises were made and cost was not a factor
enemies were needed, targets were required
wars were somewhere else,
fought by unfortunate young and idealist hands.
reservists were torn from families to foreign lands.
meanwhile the middle class was shrinking
and the bills keep coming.
paid for by the quietly consuming masses.
watching flat screens, judging with full bellies.
the gremlins work day and night.
they know our histories
they know our movements, our shopping lists.
our histories live in hard drives.
the richest have become more rich.
no king has ever enjoyed such wealth.
but the masses are becoming restless.
signs are hastily painted to carry
T shirts and banners and memes.
Occupy Your World
before it is gone…
the poets are issuing warnings!
Remain peaceful within but stand strong
practice mercy and demand justice.

magicjackatx@mail.com © 2013.07.02


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