Of God’s and Goddesses

Poem – Of Gods and Goddesses
by Jack McCabe 2012.07.28

believing alone does not conjure it up / we have no such power /
even if there were no Jesus / we would have to create one /
for who would know best the way to travel to salvation?
there is too much we cannot fathom / mans’ mighty will and ego demand /
no insist on definition / name it and thou shalt claim it /
mystery is a mystery because we cannot divine all things / things
which are real but we cannot touch or explain / statues are carved
immortal / ideas once lived / words and scripts and signs / rules,
proclamations, documents, laws, parables / attempts to pass
wisdom into an unknown future for our sake is what it really means / truth can
be found there as well as right here / truth has no address / love has
no address / hope has no address / it lives where the heart goes /
it lived where hearts once lived / mystery will always prevail /
the future is full of love and hope and all of our dreams are there /
but only if we bring the fullness our hearts / believing is only a start
toward our journey and expectation that the future will be there
when we arrive / believing alone does not conjure it up

magicjackatx © 2012.07.28


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