Poem 2013.10.08   Occupy is two

doom and gloom keep finding room
around us by the hour, even in prose.
insanely rich power mongers have, no
doubt, boxed the country into a fit!
but this didn’t happen by chance. A
black president and a health care law,
screams socialism!!… and robs them of
their greedy dream sleep each night.
holding the country hostage, economic
anxieties, ripples of grief world round.
This does not bother them, except
if they cannot visit federal war memorials.
activists are burning with desire to act,
organizers are scratching on note pads.
Occupy Birthday was celebrated, much
needs being done yet for a generation.
rest will not come without justice nor
peace without a battle with empire.
believing does not conjure it up.

magicjackatx © 2013.10.08