Occupy Believing

apd P1030103
though time and intelligence
beings have attempted to OCCUPY their moment
in our limited capacity to understand
the universe

creation/stars/planets/other beings

men create systems and laws to guide themselves

religions and theories and later science and methods

yes and great things have been accomplished with effort..

when in accordance to one another and toward

a goal we work together BELIEVING we can

make something happen… just as our real

OCCUPY ATX did last evening at city hall

in solidarity with the Turkish community

we fended off the APD, not on line, or
in FACEBOOK or in an email

we were one in the belief that

oppressed people everywhere
are our brothers/sisters
the sun sank and the moon
rose up and our Light Brigade
proclaimed our love and our
solidarity and support
their words became
our words
same struggle
never ending

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