No Soul for You Mother Nature!

so much is about monkey see monkey do
what is cool
what do we do to be cool
what we fear if we are not cool
aloneness or some kind of rejection, abandoned yet
where is that individualism we so aspire toward?
fashions that come out of trash cans and ripped cloth
pins in skin, lips, ears, cheeks, tongues, nipples, even vulva
next stop tatoo shop, arm, back, leg, neck
shave hair, head, part way, all the way, colors of dye, hair
are we cool yet? what do we fret? chasing trend a new friend?
is it a carnival now
what is this sideshow we invent
I love my mom was advertised on a sailors arm
a heart and and arrow though it… was quite common
sometimes a dancing girl on the forearm muscle moving
today the canvas has deserted the gallery
and walks amongst us on our backs, limbs,
and numerous and unmentionable parts
sometimes our eyes are transfixed by our own
walking adornments and delights, earrings on babies
will it bring us closer to our bliss
this – or a simple kiss? who is to say which?
kisses have often rejoiced rejuvenated revived my soul!
there is magic in it, and in our heartfelt hugs!
we were meant to be host to one another
for what it takes to transform us
what path toward transcending do we choose?
the full awakening of our purpose
we stand naked before our mirrors and before
that our mothers who wiped us clean
mother nature has the power
to renew us with her gifts and to reclaim us
she has no care to our desires and fancies
we all end up encrusted beneath her blankets
or swallowed in her waters
or even consumed in her flames
regardless of our fashions and fancies
all our decorations are mere vanity
she will have all things back
but she cannot keep our souls
magic Jack 

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