Newbury’s Department Store a Ghost Reflection

Screen shot 2012-12-29 at 12.35.03 PM

It was once a department store
Newbury’s on the corner of Eddy Street
and the Westminster Mall in downtown Providence.
The street turned mall 
was very popular with teens after school and on weekends
 a place to meet, hangout, and be seen
in the days before internet but after the Beatles 
arrived by Jet from England – everything
changed our generation & world forever
children still sing our songs
but Newbury’s and the mall are ghosts
The mall is history
The street was restored
The storefronts are different
Many shops are vacant
Thom McCann’s Shoe store is gone too
Woolworth’s is missing
Other stores are just forgotten
Along the west wall of Newbury’s
a long row of sitting stools
booths for groups at the end
A snack bar counter
young students spinning on stools
chatting, eating fries, drinking cokes
teens speaking teen language
whilst shoppers scouted racks
and bins and shelves for sales
and merchandise 
It’s only there in the reflection now

magicjackatx © 2012.12.29

purchase photo “A Twist of Memory in a Storefront Window” ©


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