New Dreams and Visions

Screen shot 2013-01-14 at 11.55.40 PM
the sun is shining and it is a bright sunny day in January
there is no snow to shovel and no bitter wind to ward off
it would be lovely to think the world was all good right now
refreshing to come out of our churches with holy smiles 
and go out with the family for sunday pancakes and coffee
take a look at the list of local offerings and see if maybe
the zoo is open, or a maybe check the invite list on Facebook
and see who is having a concert or something somewhere?
our spirits may not wish to be bombarded with the distasteful
news on the homeless and the folks still needing help from 
the hurricane disaster that hit the north east coast.
we don’t really want to get a headache thinking about the
war in Afganistan, or a possible assault on Iran by Israel.
it is more comfortable to listen to the stories of the suffering
Jews and Israelites of the biblical times when they were 
powerless against oppression and slavery and fighting to
rebuild their holy cities. Stories from the past don’t touch us
and our plans for the day.
Those who are awake in the moment, this moment in history,
are walking with guardedness in their hearts. 
We read the news, see the news, it is all around us wherever
we go, even blaring at us at airports, gas pumps, waiting rooms.
Our middle class is being hollowed out by an oligarchy that
has drained the wealth and is coming close to creating a factist
nation. The major news networks are privately owned and
the information is controlled and packaged for us to absorb.
Now more than ever we need to be sure that we are fully awake!
There is no more time for self indulgences, drinking parties 
and hazy pot induced dream states of denial! We cannot be
complacent and wish away the bad omens. We cannot just
sit back and let the “authorities” take care of business for us.
No, we cannot retreat any longer into self delusion, nor in
blind pursuit of more and more material comforts. 
The earth is overheating, we are losing entire fish populations,
we are ignoring signs. Mother nature speaks to us but we
cannot hear her over the roaring engines and musical ear buds
attached to our ipods… these we employ to mask our dismay.
While tarsand pipe lines are coming down from the north to to the south
and though our backyards, we worry about the price of gas at the pump.
It is time for everyone to realize that we need to Occupy! 
Occupy your world!
Your world starts where you live!
It starts with the choices we make individually every day!
The movement is us!  
The nation is ours!
The power must stay with the people!
Take your country back!
Not to the past! 
Take your country back to your heart and help make it yours again!
Neighbor to neighbor, we are all one.
Occupy is more than the name of a movement! 
It is the movement we make to say no to the puppet masters!
We will control our own destiny!
We will control our own lives!
We will Occupy our world!

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