May I? The march toward May

the cold wet clouds of march
broke upon my darkness
my fears to prayers conveyed
gleefully accepting any sunshine
any small gifts of hope lord may I
the cold wet clouds of march
set fog upon the frigid bay
darkness before dawn a curtain lay
swift cold killing currents below
three young souls disappeared
april brings colors, crocuses, showers
just miles away the powerful ocean yawns
draws tidewater along rocky point Judith
now two of those missing a month before
news of a body, now another float to shore
all attention was cast upon the old bridge
immense excitement exploding like a holiday
as cameras captured smoke puffs memories sank
the cold wet clouds of march, april showers, fog,
sun, tides, currents, all swirling thoughts and bodies
spring was overtaking, loud booms, cold currents,
deaths, dreams, travels, crossings, memories,
the hopes, expectations, faces of youths flashing by
a sunken bridge, a memorial, a return to the ocean
we shall not forget, we stood watch, we mourn
may has arrived blooming and boasting
grey turns to green, yellows, tulips, violets abound
the brilliant blue sky & pillow’d clouds over blue bay
mysteries ride in undercurrents still as if nothing changed
but it has changed forever in our hearts, while still same
days are longer again faces smile easily
the mayflower has made another voyage
the long winter washed away what once was
only the smell of seaweed, salt air, blossoms remain
the lord gives and takes away, may say I, may I, may I?
while the seasons were changing along the bay, a boat turned and three young college students disappeared in the cold fog of early darkness.
friends, students, neighbors, and even total strangers stood watch along the coast along with coast guard boats and sniffing dogs. no sign of the
vibrant young girl and two boys was to be seen for over a month. during this same time a long standing bridge that served over a lifetime of service
between the mainland and Jamestown Island was exploded into the bay and within the same places of the search only  weeks before. by the end
of april it was over.  two of the students bodies drifted down the bay and were discovered at the point where the Narragansett bay meets the Atlantic

may I? The march toward May -magicjackatx  © 2006 May in RI /

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