Masticating and musing with pen and paper

2013.02.09 Full English – Austin – Texas
Masticating and musing with pen and paper
magicjackatx, Vasilina Orlova, Thom Woodruff
we’re sitting, listening, watching
sometimes standing and reading
eating nuts, watching the nut shells
chewing the meat of it, dishing the remains
drop it!
in the empty dish!
To eat pistachio
Is like playing table game.
Perhaps it is so
Perhaps it is perception
Perhaps it is only pistachio
Getting to the kernel of truth
Crunch apart the hermit shell
To get to the core of it all
One must digest everything!
The new human being
Is carnivorous 
He eats everything without
A noticeable harm –
Poison is his daily meal.
Thus the promise was fulfilled.
And so we sat and listened, watched
awaiting that kernel of truth to emerge
what lives in the mysterious shell – pistachio or perception?
Is it the truth, or just a nut?… we encountered.
Once masticated, indulged, imbibed
we emerged Venus on the half-shell
Botticelli unmasked / Art is only
life between lines / outside the frame
magicjackatx and friends Thom Worldpoet & Vasilina Orlova – an evening with family and friends at the Full English Cafe in Austin Texas

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