legends, myths, beliefs, and stories are all familiar for me
a template I know well and practiced exactly in religious tradition
substitute saints and maypoles and town fathers
spannish troops, union soldiers, confederates, indians, romans, cowboys,
nuns, priests, teachers, brothers, sisters, monks…
add mermaids, virgins, fairy tales and miracles fantastic!!
values are learned though proper religion(way of life)and verse
and watching, and examples, and spirit guides, and prayer(contemplation)
when distortions for self interest(money) and greed are denied.
culture is learned(sharing) in earnest(schooling & colleges) and kitchen
tables, and backyard fences, and playground picnics
only when excesses are avoided do we find clarity
war always appealing is always at the door,
but peace is much harder to do than
to sacrifice young bodies for glory and power.
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