Future Shock is old news

Poem – Future Shock is old news  2013.08.29 / magicjackatx

They had no idea
That we might fly above Clouds
That we would view earth from the moon
In the year I was born life expectancy was 68.2

they had no idea
life would extend to a century
life would be saved with recycled organs
we would buy things with plastic cards

They had no idea
that a vehicle would travel over 25 mph
that a train would pull hundreds of people
that steam and lightening would be harnessed

in childhood we imagined communicators
dick Tracy wrist watches and star trek devices
we carried transistor radios amazed at their size
we watched rockets reach space on black and white tv’s

We have no idea…
that we might chose to live away from earth
what cities might disappear under the sea
that life may be extended past a century

But the future holds a promise for us all
it is the same promise of a shared world
There is a world that we imagine and pray for
prophets have told us of the heavenly gates

When we seek peace and practice peace
when we give ourselves in service to others
we see glimpses of the world we all long for
what was past and what will be are all one

The future is just the past wrapped in dreams
the world within is the world we own
we are all made of the same matter
Other worlds are here / matter everywhere

Poem – Future Shock is old news  2013.08.29 / magicjackatx


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