Foghorns & Buoys & Rhode Island Culture

  • the ocean was our border
  • Rhode Island the ‘ocean state’
  • our huge bay bequeathed us beaches
  • blessings and sandy salty adventures
  • lobsters, clams, crabs, shells, seaweed
  • swimming, sailing, trawling, fishing /
  • our culture was salty, our veins pumping
  • salty memories embedded in our seaside
  • lived lives / no matter where we travel.
  • we are a portion pirate-like and a portion
  • as gentle as an evening sea-breeze
  • the sun sets over city and villages it
  • strains through march clouds
  • … and over the lighthouses
  • as they take over for the night
  • …she carries with us
  • we hear the crashing waves
  • and lonely foghorns and buoy bells
  • wherever we go in time
  • magicjackatx © 2013.03.29

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