Don’t Fear The Dark

be not afraid for those things that scare you
in the dark for they will surprise you… with their

ordinary familiarity – just as sun rises in the east
each and every day! ah that sun,
a glare like flare as bold streams of pure truth
reveal every aspect in all detail…now
eyes hurting in sudden light adjusting from the 
dream-state where we live… either
in comfort or fear depending on our awake 
choices/good-bad-indifferent or evil!
aloneness is felt in a crowded room with 
chattering faces intent on avoiding your eyes.
your soul may be burning so brightly/maybe you 
are too awake for the sleepwalkers!
they try to avoid you, lest you have light or dark 
stories, and scary proclamations!
mother nature is to be respected in all of her glory, 
she never hesitates when we need
her breast, she provides for us, she rewards those 
who love her. yet she is a wild windstorm, she can
turn hell, a mighty hell, upon the fools 
who ignore her ways…
but when she is satisfied with your affection 
if it be true and eager,
she invites you to enter her arms freely … 
no longer will darkness matter!
she is the daughter of the creator, 
but she is a woman…beware of her powers! 
magicjackatx @ 2012.08.09

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