taking joy in evil taking lives in retribution the ones once isolated feel no remorse victims lay bloody amidst the damage Hammurabi’s code embedded in the html warnings and symbols of war raging within the depths of unhappy souls in youthful bodies creation of rage, creation of hell where is our sweet Jesus? where is the message of our sweet lord?  Christ ~ where are you? forbidden rituals, rites, our praying rights beautifully landscaped institutions of godlessness Satan’s rights ~ advertised on t-shirts ascribed according to the presumption of free speech badges of evil an accepted normour beautiful children walking in darkness the ones once isolated feel no remorse the strongest and bravest are glorified and held high these being the apples of our eye the ones once isolated now enraged empowered to kill in the name of hate unloved, unwanted, unaccepted, underneath the pain of isolation, rejection, lives unvalued indications of justifications ~ creation of hell where do they go? the damned?and then the final retribution of those lost souls the slaughter of the lambs ~ the blood of innocent ones taking joy in evil taking lives in retribution the ones once isolated feel no remorse the weapons now turned to selves the final painful journey to eternity cowardly mixing their blood with the innocent hell is no longer a destination the creation of hell now for them is at hand!

magicjackatx aka jeeps 1999.05.01 – following the tragic columbine slaughter.