Cats & Kittens – Bless the Care Givers

Cats & Kittens  – Bless the Care Givers
I grew up with cats

mostly black ones /
dad would find them
abandoned along the
railway lines / his duty
inspection of trains /
walking along miles
of cars, coaches /
he carried his railroad
lantern / the one with
the stand to keep it
steady on the ground /
inspectors need to see
under / over / inside /
and often along side
tracks / varmits / rats /
and sometimes cats –
usually black cats brought
home were named the
same / – Casey Jones –
at one time / after I had
moved onto adulthood /
visiting back home /
too many cats / saved
birthed / no other place
to go / now I was just
finding myself allergic
with eyes watering and
itching / cats were now
to be avoided mostly.
I do enjoy kittens on post-
cards and in photos still.
I say – Bless those who can still
care for cats and kittens.
For me… I am a puppy guy!

2012.07.30 © magicjackatx


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