Blood Soup – 2014.03.04

Blood Soup 

 I had no idea how to cook up beets
a rush to google was in order
messy stuff this dark red veggie 
its full of powerfully good stuff!
lesson once learned and now all cooked
I went with the boiling route
a taste for beets I never expected
oh and you can eat the green part?
can I even pronounce phytonutrients 
called betalains?
will a Naturopathic medicine make me
smarter? will I remember better?
salt and butter makes this pretty good!
wait, not butter, use Olivio it’s healthier.
I can feel myself improving with each
mouthful, as I look at the red bowls, spoons,
and the distressed purple area around my sink.
now what creative use can I find for all
the red juice? can’t just pour it out!
now my creative side of the brain engages.
searching the cupboards I find friendly mates.
yes, grab that red tomato sauce, ginger,
powdered garlic salt, yes!
over the gas heat I watch as this mixture
bubbles like hot red blood.
That’s it! Blood soup! Thats what I will call it.
Now hit the veggie tray in the fridge.
Aha, yes chopped broccoli tops should do.
even more nutrients and flavor too!
top off with some of this cheddar cheese
and bang! This is some great blood soup,
I must say!
Blood Soup – poem 2014.03.04

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