stations and channels of the mind


fuzzy sometimes in static – sometimes —
sometimes lost if as in a fog memories-fade
keeping all of these visions discreet /
faces and names and passing parades
some touch & some torture & some
are sleep walking in search of a dream /
miracles happen, visions occur, angels whisper —
crowds pilgrimage to distant holy places
sacred places give us gifts in abundance –
statues try to inspire us, mermaids seem to sing to us –
saints stand patiently listening to our sorrows –
water pure from springs, special rocks/mountains
views of bays & waterways & oceans, even deserts!
yes it happens in scared places / giving us hope and repair
but only if we care for our mother nature as she does for us-
hope and repair also happens sometimes —
right here! – where
you and I —
being awake and open and willing
not looking so much but really seeing
and genuinely loving
names and religions melt away
believing does not conjure what is not true
believing is true when it starts within you
believing in the miracle of me
and of us and of you
and of all creation
by magicjackatx 12.09.23 ~

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