2013.09.02 Back Home Again

Poem – Back Home Again 2012.09.02 © magicjackatx

I feel trapped sometimes in my own world here
the old shell of me is still a welcome remembrance to others
my parents remember me but are lost for words after hello
what do you do father asks while mom separates puzzle pieces
as if I was there with them everyday barely paying attention
how do I explain something they never could imagine…art/
in a place they have never been nor will ever see…texas
but they take comfort in their routines and wait —
 my soul has grown new shoots where the limbs were pruned
and I no longer fit back in that old skin, nor do I wish to do so
everywhere I visit is like a graveyard of memories
my new loves are not close by me now, and the old ones
are exchanging pleasantries now —
but I feel needed here in ways I wish I could escape — so
how do you feel when you visit your past?

Poem – Back Home Again 

2012.09.02 © magicjackatx@mail.com

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