A full night of poetry and song was under this bright full moon this night

at Thrice on West Mary / a collection of ages / genders / persuasions / some
challenged but talented / some retired but renewed / one battle scarred but strumming still /
another tall and tipsy / one short and sober sound / several ladies watching from margins / nervous
gal shaking yet reading & flushed with emotion & surprising endings / clanking 
pots and dishes / voices over bowls and dishes and forks flashing / homeless
man eating from shared dish and sharing his soul direct from notebooks /
owner moving though, around, watching, bussing, listening, gazing, disappearing /
later arrivals sitting stage side with percussions / hugs and early departures /
mothers come to watch children eat  or perform / as singles mingle cafe style
as they often do / guitars stand ready for poetic transportation / 
a talented young man confesses his poverty & his intent on
seeing a certain woman later in the full moon evening. 
2012.08.01 © magicjackatx@mail.com