2013.07.28 Activism is alive but killing continues

  • activism is alive and well in austin but rights are trampled 
  • so it was a very busy month 
  • activism in austin was alive and streaming
  • justice for Trayvon Martin
  • rally and march of hundreds from the capitol 
  • impressive showing with a rainbow of colors
  • age, gender, and political persuasions
  • hands were held with strangers
  • heads were bowed in prayer
  • peace was advocated once again
  • war is not the answer, and we start
  • by acts of kindness, person to person
  • on line, in our homes and work places
  • little did we know that just a week later
  • yet another black man would be shot
  • and killed by an Austin police officer
  • Larry Eugene Jackson just 32 years old now
  • joining  other young black men – lives taken
  • Billy Carter locally and Trayvon Martin
  • in florida, we yearn for justice!
  • before this day was the week of women
  • thousands of them traveling into Austin
  • pouring into the state capitol, wringing
  • around the dome like beads chanting
  • our occupy friends Jamie Rainbow warrior, Natalie, Caitlyn,
  • chained themselves in the balcony  protest
  • sullied their white garments with red
  • blood to signify the rights over there bodies
  • each were dragged off and carried out
  • by a the very busy dps officiers while
  • legislation was being rammed though
  • voices raised higher and drowned out
  • the room and the proceedings.
  • DPS officers were inspecting purses 
  • pulling tampons and napkins humiliation
  • to long lines of women longing for justice
  • until the national media picked it up and
  • an order was made by the lt governor
  • to stop the brief practice
  • for a week of days Occupiers were holding
  • phone cams to record every incident 
  • providing feeds that even the networks
  • could not obtain in the capitol, our streamer &
  • occupier Joshua was pulled from the crowd
  • and suffered multiple head staples 
  • after being thrown to the hard capitol
  • floor. Thousands of voices were ignored
  • as the Governor of texas simply declared
  • a new hearing to push his legislation
  • no concern for what citizens demand
  • only what posture and standing that he
  • might have for his right wing zealots
  • and possible future elections.
  • the price of freedom is sometimes steep
  • and the battles are close by
  • we need not be in uniform nor march to
  • distant lands, our enemy is with us
  • magicjackatx © 2013.07.28 

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