2012.02.29 A Tribe of Mixed Races

We gathered together as strangers to our camp.
Our tribe was of mixed races but of eager faces – places
we have come from near and afar and with some  great sacrifices —
upon our shoulders are many sorrows, agonies, losses, and pains
some of us surely victimized along the winding trail back to distant moons
under which we were born – bequeathed – burdened by
even the sorrows of our ancestors & carried upon our shoulders —
yet the dancing fire and flames of the late night encampment
gave us space to share those warm and hopeful burning hopes and desires –
which now we find our satisfaction with expelling demons,
remembering joys, memorializing our parents, praising mother
earth, and all the trees, butterflies, kittens, children, sun, moon, sky,
water, air, and the endless other blessings provided by creation
yes, late into the night we became a new tribe, a sept perhaps, bonded
by our stories, baring ourselves, exposing hidden but unforgotten
stones from our heavy satchels carried so long
and finding ways to use our words to understand each other
and to learn again that we are really more alike than not
and that there is laughter behind our tears
laughter seems to cleanse our eyes, we see a new beginning
magicjackatx@mail.com © / 2012.09.29



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