In Love

In Love

There is great risk, Juliet,
her father’s wrath, her heart
pounding, willing, vulnerable
risk and chance and desire
cleopatra in love, in lust in
control, great nations live
or die, women vie for power
men fight to the death for love
In love
and in war
there is warring in love
there is love in warring
In love

pining, desperate

lovely lonely Guinevere

such a great suffering queen

Pining and of hungry heart
danger and risk and longing
orpheus his mournful songs
longing for eurydice to live again
if only he had not turned
to look upon hades, disobeying pluto
risk and chance and desire
driving forces and powers
In love
In love there is great risk
In love there is such great power
In love this thing we call love

your love life is boring

your love life is boring / to me / maybe to everyone /
who cares about your sweaty adventures?
 you moan for connections / you moan for sex /
you moan and you roam / you will lie and cheat
and deceive to get what you desire /
you want to moan your sex into something called love but
it isn’t working for you /
you study orgasmic libraries of literature seeking the ultimate thrill–
then seek to hunt down a target for your lusty desires /
sometimes your target outsmarts you!
often you come home you find an empty refrigerator or left overs going spoiling /
yearning for this thing everyone calls love to fill your empty heart /
you overfeed your pets / yet you forgot to walk the dog /
this temple you call your body has been worshiped, inspected, kissed, handled,
bumped, banged, and screwed but you don’t understand
why you are day dreaming though it all /
some canyon is echoing your moans and reverberating your every thought – teasing
tempting – torturing  your self! you cannot find this peace /
satisfaction satisfaction I can’t get no…and demons laugh! /
voices in your head want to scream though to your lips, to my ears, to my sympathies,
to my patience / no you may not have permission to disrupt my soul /
there are gates to which you cannot pass /
who cares about your boring amorous agonies /
who cares to listen to your endless failings? /
your love life is boring / to me / maybe to everyone!