who lives in this thread

forwarded or replied
pass it on if anyone cares
like private and secret notes 
from desk to desk
behind the 5th grade teachers glare
we swam nude at the Y back then
I came close to drowning
pushed into the deep end
Our Father prayer saved me
I gave way breathing water
One year of Occupy Austin
watching the Colorado river passing
from the steps of city hall
nothing stays the same
all things change
the homeless vanished
protesters moved on
Midnight mass in English
Joyful hymns in Latin
memories of choir masses sung
falsetto with fifty boys dressed
in cassock and surpluses pleated
Michele my Belle this half century
later and later singing tributes at Thrice
Thai Cafe near by – later Boxcar songs with Bill
whilst late the Texas Eagle lumbers
past on the way to San Antonio
decades of railroading like pages
from a book and chapters
past sometimes sleeping though
just to clock the hours
my last punch out
happy to leave
but missing so many hundreds of faces
lovers of trains and travel but 
railroading was more dad’s gig
now my dream begins
lugging a guitar
loving childhood vicariously
longing for a canvas
dreaming again
life LIFE!
© 2012.12.28
© photo 2012.09