2012.06 Trafficaution magicjackatx

what went on austin will be repeated
what was useful will be rediscovered
oil was king
autos were king
they overcame the trams
which did so well
for the poor
but also for everyone
Portlands’ trams are used by all
and the streets are more free
less traffic
more efficiency
less pollution
it must, shall, return, maybe in a new form
trolley, tram, light rail, metrorail,
hundreds travel along in a daisy chain of coaches
all on a sliver of track half the width of a road lane
in the meantime
Austin is one of the most congested cities
route #35 is a rolling parking lot
our main roads are clogging
air pollution, our index is maxing out
Austin is breathing dirty air
traffic traffic traffic
east to west
north to south
light rail is going to resurge
there is no choice
tram I am tram I am
oh return oh tram
for what was once in Austin
will come back to Austin

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