Who Cares For You?

Hold fast to those who care for you

yes I have felt the closing walls of the imaginary prisons
just as real as an aching tooth robbing the mind of sanity
so much sacrificed sometimes out of fear or hard losses
A rut seems fixed and unforgiving as fate carved in granite
here lies the soul of one who is not yet dead inscribed on a stone 
not yet purchased, in a graveyard still awaiting a corpse, still
sleepwalking, dulled to consciousness, drugged into indifference
or drunk on too many bar stools, chatting nonsense to deaf
bartenders. Outside there is a beach berm built barricade
holding back the mighty power of a cold and unforgiving ocean,
just a single mighty hurricane will someday wash over!
A sober person will prepare and gather friends and loved 
ones and protect them faithfully leading them to high ground
and shelter, and warmth, and food to share…
Hold fast to those who care for you and you to them by heart,
we lift each other with our purest desire to love.
magicjackatx 2013.02.19 © magicjactatx@mail.com

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