L1110098_3 mermaidI saw a mermaid, I swear, right here! Here in Austin!
I know it for certain…
She approached from a sea of faces as she appeared
I was transfixed with
her aura, her beauty, her kind and  sparkling sea blue eyes…
her, smiling, knowing, red lips. She…covered up just enough guard herself —
yet was naked enough to stop a ship! My arm was extended, holding a plate &
offering sample of slices of BBQ chicken. what do you say to a mermaid?
Her eyes laughed at my faux pas and half smiling ruby red lips spoke
and she said ” no thank you “, I am vegan!
Of course you are I wanted to say! She is a mermaid remember?
And as quickly as she appeared
she was gone… lost in a sea of colorful painted bodies. But to my surprise!!
she reappeared again later at the center of pease park  just glowing,
smiling, loving the day, sharing her splendid self in that mermaid way
filling the eyes and imaginations that surround her, in all her wonderful glory!
but not to be captured ever, only to enchant, to entice the imagination —
and maybe just to celebrate Eyore’s birthday!
Yes there are mermaids!
You can’t keep them, nor hold them, nor possess them!
you might see them if you are truly awake or deep in your dreams!
but remember, they have set many a ship off their course —
and because of them so many sailors and crews have been lost!
by magicjackatx

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